WHO team officials barred from entry into China due to negative antibody tests

After some back and forth between China and the WHO, some of their medical experts have been allowed into Wuhan. However, two of their members remain barred because of the Covid-19 antibodies test.

Two WHO officials test positive for COVID-19 antibodies

Two WHO officials researching into how the coronavirus came to life have been stopped from entering China after they failed a Covid-19 antibody test. Medical scientists numbering 13 were due to go into Wuhan, where numerous cases of coronavirus were first discovered in November 2020.

However, it seems two members of the World Health Organization will stay in Singapore after testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies. These IGM antibodies are known to be the first symptoms that a host could be infected with. Sometimes though, it can be found in individuals who just receive the vaccination or who just recovered from the Covid-19 virus.

Cleared members to isolate before starting work in Wuhan

Those cleared have gone to China to start their work after immediately completing their 14 days quarantine. In a press statement on Friday, the foreign ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian insisted that China will strictly follow all laid down rules and prevention measures to limit the spread.

He also said China is ready to cooperate with WHO officials in the country and give them the necessary assistance to discharge their duties. Zhao, however, refuses to comment on the two members denied entry into the country, telling reporters to ask“ appropriate authorities’ ’.

According to a report by CGTN, the WHO members had throat swabs, serum antibody tests upon their arrival to China. Government health workers can be seen standing next to a bus, while travelers were ushered to their quarantine centers. WHO’s medical chief, Tedros Adhanom said his team is ready to get working immediately after they complete their 14 days quarantine period.