What to know about Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is one of the richest states in Europe and a very cosmopolitan country. It welcomes many tourists and immigrants every year.  Do you want to learn more in order to learn a little more about the countries of Europe?  What to know about Luxembourg?

The only Grand Duchy in the world

Unlike many other states in the world, Luxembourg is not ruled by a president or a king.  The sovereign of Luxembourg is the Grand Duke and he is generally assisted by a Prime Minister.  The current Grand Duke of Luxembourg is Henri.

 Member of the EU and the Schengen area

Luxembourg is a state which is part of the European Union.  It is also part of the Schengen area.  Luxembourg is therefore concerned by the new ETIAS program of the European Commission.  For more information, the ideal would be to go to the site www.etias-visas.com.

The safest country on the planet

Luxembourg is considered by many to be the safest country in the world.  For about 590,000 inhabitants, the country has nearly 1,300 police officers.  In addition, the country has only two prisons, which means that the crime rate there is quite low.

 A cosmopolitan country

Luxembourg is a very cosmopolitan country.  Indeed, nearly half of the country's inhabitants are of foreign nationality.  More than 170 different nationalities come together on Luxembourg territory.

 A multilingual country

Luxembourg is also a multilingual country.  Three official languages ​​are spoken there.  These are French, German and Luxembourgish.  Multilingualism is also reinforced by the fact that half of the country's inhabitants are of foreign nationalities.

The richest country in the world

Luxembourg is also known as the richest country in the world.  The GDP per capita in Luxembourg amounts to nearly 100,000 euros.  Moreover, the minimum income in Luxembourg is the highest in all of Europe.

 The biggest meat consumer

Luxembourg is not only the richest country in the world.  It is also the largest consumer of meat in the world.  Each inhabitant consumes around 135 kg of meat each year.  Luxembourg is certainly hell for vegetarians.

It is important to point out that Luxembourg is also a country deeply rooted in religion. Almost 70% of the population is of the Catholic faith.