What are the practices that can damage the battery of a laptop?

The battery of a laptop is an important element for its autonomy. Sometimes it is exposed to certain daily practices that damage it. What are the practices that can damage the battery of a laptop?

The non-respect of the charge and discharge cycles of the battery

Let the computer battery discharge completely at least once a month and then charge it. This full discharge and charge cycle keeps the battery in good condition. This is called calibration. This process consists of reframing the full charge of the battery. 

When the battery is fully discharged, i.e. when the computer goes into standby, the battery must be fully recharged without interruption while the device is in standby. This allows the battery to maintain itself. Whether it is a Battery for dell p58f001 or another, it is important to take this recommendation into account.

Let the battery drain regularly

When you let your computer battery discharge completely regularly, the complete discharge makes up 20% of the total capacity of the battery. Newer operating systems are designed to put computers to sleep and avoid reaching this level of discharge.

A full discharge of the battery causes chemical degradation of the cells within the battery. Because of this, recharging the battery after it has been completely discharged is dangerous for the life of the battery. It is indeed important to leave the battery discharged at times and then let it charge completely, but this should be done in a cycle and not regularly.

Leaving the computer on for a long time when it is not in use

When your computer is not in use, it is recommended to turn it off rather than leave it in standby mode to avoid damaging the battery. Indeed, when the computer is turned off, the percentage of the charge remains intact. Leaving the computer in standby mode when you are not using it consumes energy, and when you do so regularly, the battery could suffer negative consequences.