Manchester United ex-player Wayne Rooney Appointed Derby County boss

After serving in the acting capacity for some time, Wayne Rooney has been appointed boss of the championship side, Derby County. He also retired from active football to take the position of club manager.

Ex-England forward becomes manager at Derby County

Former Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney has selected a full-time Derby county Gaffer after bidding active football bye on Saturday. A new deal was agreed to keep the 36-year-old in the club till 2023 when he succeeds former boos Philip Coco who was sacked in November.

The statement reads:

“It is with joy that we announce that our new manager is Wayne Rooney, we feel he has done well in his interim position and will bring progress to the club.”A statement read by CEO Stephen Pearce.

Derby country has had their form turn for the best under Wayne Rooney, especially their recent victory against a top club, Swansea City and Birmingham. In a run, which includes nine matches, they have gotten about five clean sheets and their offensive tactics have improved.

Wayne Rooney retires to take a management role

Derby County said that before accepting their offer, it has been agreed that he must retire before accepting the deal. Rooney said he was happy with the caliber of players in the club and that was one of the decisions that encouraged him to sign.

He said the stadium, training facilities, and academies blew him away, and he will do his wonderful to lead them to the Premier League. Wayne Rooney has made a name for himself in English football and Europe over his 12 years illustrious career.

When he retired and made his decision to go back to management, many were skeptical due to the low success of English footballers in football management. Most English players have not impressed in management positions, it is hoped that Rooney will bring a fresh breath to English football management.