How to write a Christmas card message

Christmas cards are often accompanied by messages for your friends, family and others. It is therefore essential to know how to write your message in order to make it as interesting as original. Learn about how to write a Christmas card message here.

A message for your family and friends

Traditionally, Christmas is celebrated with family and closest friends. Whether they are close to you or miles away, send them a thoughtful gift. On the Christmas card, you can write how happy you are to share this moment with them. Make sure you use a simple and friendly writing style. For those who are far away, there is often so many things to say. So, tell them about things that have made a positive impact on your year. Also, some people, after writing messages on cards for christmas, add a few photos. You can do the same.

A message for your colleagues at work

Deciding what to write in a Christmas card for work colleagues can be a little bit tricky. The message you send to your colleagues will depend on the relationship you have with them. A message addressed to your boss should be fairly formal. You can write your Christmas card texts in a much more casual way when writing to close work colleagues. For example, you can insert an intimate joke that you usually tell. The aim is still to send greetings and to maintain good work relationships.

A message for your business partners

As Christmas approaches, remember to send cards to your business partners. Don’t wait until the time of signing contracts to do so. In the messages you send, wish your partners and their families a happy holiday. Tell them how much you enjoy working with them and take the opportunity to renew your loyalty to them. Keep your writing professional and formal.
Please to keep your messages brief. People receive many cards for Christmas. So, avoid writing long texts so as not to bore them.