How to reinforce companies' cybersecurity?

One thing is to create a safe cyberspace for your business, and the other is to ensure that the security tour you have built around it will remain strong enough to withstand a cybercriminal attack. High-tech solutions have been developed to eliminate or reduce the risk of DDoS attacks, but what precautions can be taken to strengthen this security?

Cyber environment and security

A DDoS attack can take up to 24 weeks to be detected, which means that the hacker has had 6 months to master the system and the company's data and do whatever he wants with it. And once the intrusion is discovered, you will still need at least 45 days to fix it. As a result, the business productivity is going to take a big hit, and there's a 40% chance that the business will collapse. You can understand that cybersecurity is worth its cost, and you always have to stay informed on all matters related to cybersecurity. The Koddos Blog is a good way to do that.

There are a few steps you should adopt to accompany your anti-DDoS protection.

Up-to-date your technology

Always get the best hardwares and softwares available for your business and its type. You should update them regularly, in order to benefit from the latest security features.

Train your employees to cybersecurity

All your employees must be educated and trained so as to practice safe computing. You should find time to teach them basic steps like never sharing their passwords, backup data as often as possible, browse and use email securely, etc.

Prepare your IT staff to cyber attacks

Your IT staff or one cadre must be taught to identify and respond to security threats, the latest ones in particular, and learn how to keep a permanent watch to repel any intrusion.

Adopt a good cybersecurity policy

Your cybersecurity policy should be as clear and useful as possible, and respect the regulations in force, the protection of private life and observe the responsibilities of the company.