What is the use of a DDoS protection system?

There are many motivations behind a DDoS attack. If you become a victim, the effects can vary depending on the nature of the attack. Among other things, you may encounter hosting problems and lose time repairing the damage. Therefore, you need to protect yourself by using an anti-DDoS solution. On the following page, you will find more explanations about DDoS attacks and the usefulness of this protection system to prevent them.

DDoS attacks: what are they?

Among the cybersecurity weapons used by hackers, DDoS attacks or distributed denial of service attacks are one of the oldest and most popular. You can learn more about their explanation through this detailed source. In fact, it is an attack by a botnet that mainly targets websites and servers. By saturating the target network with a large number of requests, it is no longer able to respond properly. It therefore becomes vulnerable to hacking.
The intention behind a DDoS attack can be professional rivalry or political motivation, which is rather common. However, the main goal of hackers is to make the targeted platform unavailable. To achieve their goals, they can launch various types of DDoS attacks. These can be categorized into three groups, which are a protocol layer attacks: the targets of these types of attacks are the protocols used for network communication, which can drain server resources; volumetric attacks that they consist in saturating the bandwidth of your website with amplification methods ; application layer attacks : by directly attacking the application, they prevent it from working properly.
Whatever type is used, the consequences for companies are disastrous. DDoS attacks can have a negative impact on the financial situation and reputation of businesses. To put the site back into service, the hackers who are behind the attack may possibly ask for a ransom.

How to counter this attack with an anti DDoS protection system?

To prevent your website or network from falling victim to this type of attack, you can set up an anti DDoS protection. This solution continuously analyzes the data that passes through your network. In this way, when an attack occurs, it acts quickly by rejecting non-legitimate requests on your platform. To divert malicious traffic entering your network, the anti-DDoS protection system uses a combination of software and systems.

The core network anti DDoS protection system

This solution is implemented to counter volumetric DDoS attacks. It is installed in the backbone of an IT service provider. The administration, configuration, and scalability of this protection system are the responsibility of the provider.

The on-site anti DDoS protection system

This protection system is installed by a company and is mainly used against application layer DDoS attacks. In order to protect its most sensitive data, the company has the responsibility to implement the most appropriate defense strategy for its network. It will also have to configure its protection system as appropriate.
In conclusion, the DDoS protection system is a solution to protect your site or network from a possible distributed denial of service attack. With this defense technique, you will avoid that your platform is unavailable and becomes vulnerable to hacking. It can be installed in the core network or on-site. In addition to the DDoS protection system, other options remain available to protect you against distributed denial of service attacks.

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