Epic Games takes legal action against Google and Apple in the UK

In a highly followed legal tussle between Game developers and top techs in the UK, Epic games doesn’t seem to be backing down. The Game creator has accused UK tech firms of shortchanging it with their huge commissions.

Epic Games takes tech giants to court

The creator of Fortnite EG has begun legal proceedings against the UK subsidy of Apple and Google. The issue was that both tech firms removed Fortnite from their application online stores because of a disagreement on sales cut taken from developers.

According to Epic Games, both technology firms went against competition rules. The UK. However, the firms said it was Epic Games that went against the terms and conditions because it tried to manipulate it with their payment operations.

In what it describes as a reckless act, Apple said it was disappointed with the manner Epic Games does its business.

What gave birth to the legal tussle?

When an app is purchased, or subscribe to on Apple app or Google Play, these firms take a percentage. Their Commission ranges from 35% or lowers depending on several factors. Because of these fuzzy Commission rates, some firms charge higher for the subscription when purchases are done in apps than when clients buy directly from their online store.

Some even refuse to sell in apps due to these exorbitant rates. The guise of Epic Games is that 35% is too much a Commission when you consider the efforts made in developing games.

Problems Epic games have with both firms include: unjustly restricting rivalry from substitute app stores and stopping game developers from making use of financial payment services for sales.

Also, it is appalled by the high prices charged by these tech firms for the distribution of apps. The game developer doesn’t want a cash payout, it wants the courts to mandate both firms to allow developers to use their preferred payment systems on their Applications, and allow customers to download games produced by these developers aside App Store and Google store.


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