5 must-haves for expectant mothers

A new mother generally has so many things to plan for when a baby arrives. In fact, between clothes, cleansing milk and everything else needed to ensure the newborn's comfort, the mother-to-be needs to know the essentials that will make her daily life easier. Here are 5 essentials that every mum-to-be should have.

A baby rucksack

The first thing to remember about a new mother is that she'll need to travel with her baby. Whether she's going for a routine check-up or a trip into town, it's essential for mums to be able to take a specific number of items with her. So she needs a baby backpack.

This is an essential accessory for mums on the move. It offers a practical solution for carrying all your baby's essentials, whether on family outings or on trips.

It's worth noting that the perfect baby backpack is an accessory with plenty of storage capacity for :

  • nappies ;
  • a change of baby clothes
  • feeding bottles
  • baby's favourite toy ;
  • etc.

Above all, it's important to note that this accessory makes it easy for mums to organise any outings with family or friends with their newborn baby.

Clothes adapted to baby's skin

If there's one piece of information that everyone knows, it's how delicate and sensitive a newborn's skin is. In fact, it's this detail that makes baby clothes so soft and made from softer materials.

So for mums-to-be, it's essential to choose clothes that protect baby's skin and are adapted to the baby's specific needs. In practice, it's best to choose clothes made from soft, breathable cotton. This type of clothing will not cause baby irritations or allergies.

A cradle

For proper development and growth, every baby needs to sleep. That said, it is strongly advised against sleeping in the same bed with a newborn baby. The mother-to-be therefore needs a comfortable and safe cradle for her newborn. To provide a healthy resting environment, it's important to choose cradles that meet current safety standards and have firm, snug-fitting mattresses. It's also extremely important to check the spacing between the bars to avoid any risk of suffocation.

A high chair

A highchair is another must-have for new mums who want to feed their baby in a safe and practical way. It's designed to give baby plenty of support during mealtimes. What's more, cleaning up afterwards is much easier for the new mum.

When buying it, it's advisable to take into account the presence of a safety harness. It's important to remember that the harness keeps the baby securely in place during mealtimes. For your information, some highchair models are upgradable. This means that they can be adjusted to match the child's growth and used as a booster chair as the baby grows.

A baby carrier or sling

Another must-have for new mums is a baby carrier or sling. This accessory is a practical way for new mums to keep their baby close to them while keeping their hands free. So whether they're at home doing a practical activity or out and about, baby carriers allow mums to move around without embarrassment or fear of the baby being alone.

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